Naima Morelli

Angki Purbandono’s scanner


Angki Purbandono in one of the artists from Indonesia that take the photography further and stimulate the discussion around it.
He was one of the founder of MES56 and a very appreciate international artist.

Before meeting him I thought his photography was all about aestetic
values. I found out that is not completely true.
Actually, to make people look at something from everyday life in a
different way is already a conceptual act.

Defamiliarisation of common objects, weird associations of items,
giantisation of small findings. Through Angki’s swiftian attitude one can
discover that the Beauty and the Strange are not so far from what we
experience in our daily life.

I’ve seen Angki’s scanner. It’s a normal scanner, not pretentious at all.
I asked Angki when and why he started using a scanner instead of a
“I use scanner since 2005, I didn’t have camera at that times, so I did a
solo exhibition showing that kind of works. After that I learned how to
make a tension in the photographic concept we called camera. A scanner
can be a camera as well. Now I’m successful in the art market, so I can
have a camera and take pictures with that. I take pictures of everything.
I’m fascinated with cities, because I’m a city boy. In Indonesia non only
in television but also in the streets there’s a lot of advertising, a lot
of lighting billboards. From there came the idea of make light box of my


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