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Central Asia

I have written the curatorial text for Kazakhstan-born, Singaporean artist Inessa Kalabekova, who has an upcoming show at the East Garden Gallery, of the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, from March 1 to March 30, 2023.

I have visited the artist’s studio during my last trip to Singapore, and learned about her art practice that fuses collage and painting. Her new show is called “The Nature of Art”, and here the artist looks at nature through the eyes of mythology and poetry.

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punk orientalism

It is fascinating when worlds that seem to be light-years away from each other suddenly come together, materializing unexpected commonalities. Take the term “Orientalism,” a concept established by Palestinian-American author Edward Said to describe the West’s commonly contemptuous portrayal of the East. Would you ever associate it with punk counterculture?

Probably not, but that’s what curator, writer and academic Sara Raza did with her new book, titled “Punk Orientalism: The Art of Rebellion.” The book explores the spaces and places associated with the former Soviet Union, focusing on the artists and ideas hailing from Central Asia and the Caucasus, which were long perceived as an extension, or “client” states, of the USSR.

Al-Monitor has just published my interview with Sara Raza

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My essay on the work of Uzbek artist Alexander Barkovsky has just been published by ENECAA, an online platform for researching, collecting and advising about Central Asian art.

I feel the work of Alexandr Barkovskiy is a great visual paradigm for whoever seeks to understand the contemporary cultural scene in Uzbekistan and Central Asia at large. Having recently exhibited at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and Gallery Andakulovoy in Dubai, this 37-year-old artist encapsulates the key cultural transformations Uzbekistan has been undergoing in recent years.

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Hong-Kong based webmagazine and collector’s platform CoBo has just published my latest article called “Being a collector as a lifestyle choice: Interview with Georgina Adam”.

Writer and journalist Georgina Adam is the author of “Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century”, an important book which does exactly what is says on the tin: retracing the history and the main players of the art market as we see and experience it today.

We talk about what are the consequences of this market explosion for collectors, the ’80s as the decade in which everything changed and more.

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Learning about new artists, new countries, different ways of seeing the world and conceiving life is the reason why being an arts writer is such an amazing job. With ENECAA, an online platform for researching, collecting and advising about Central Asian art, I had the chance to explore a bit Uzbekistan through the work of one of its most appreciated artist, Timur Akhmedov.

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