Naima Morelli

Two Years with Art a Part of cult(ure)


It’s been two years since my collaboration with Art a Part of cult(ure) began. My first article was about the japanese artist Masachi Echigo, you can read it here.

I’ve met Art a Part director Barbara Martusciello in a gallery in Piazza di Spagna, she was doing an interesting series of lectures about contemporary art.
At that time I already wrote for the magazine Arskey and the webmagazine Teknemedia, but I wasn’t very happy with them because they give me sort of limitations of style and criticize the artists was totally forbidden.
With Art a Part I found the freedom I needed and also a typical roman-friendly atmosphere; almost everyone was from the capital so it happens often to meet at the gallery openings.

I also found a very good friend there, Donato Di Pelino, who is an excellent writer and an awesome poet. (You can read his articles here)
Actually he’s the typical case of lawer by day and poet by night. Sort of Daredevil, you know?


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  1. barbara martusciello says: December 29, 201211:02 am

    Grazie, intensa, infaticabile Naima: una “penna” e uno sguardo critico e narrativo (ebbene sì) tra i più anomali, interessanti e luminosi che io abbia mai avuto la fortuna di incontrare!

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