Naima Morelli

A selection of books about Indonesian Contemporary Art


In these days I’m preparing the bibliography for my book about Indonesian Contemporary Art.
In the last year I have tried to read every single publication, magazine, website, brochure, article, blog post about art in Indonesia and, of course, try to speak to many people involved as possible.
These are some interesting books and catalogues that were important for me to start orientate in this world:


Indonesian Eye: Contemporary Indonesian Art, Milano, Skira Editore, 2011

The catalogue of the exhibition “Indonesian Eye” at the Saatchi Gallery in London. I first got this catalogue from the State Library in Rome and I started researching the names of the artists to interview from here.



Modern Indonesian Art – from Raden Saleh to Present Day, Bali, Koes Artbooks, 2010

I bumped into this big catalogue for the first time in the space Dia.Lo.Gue in Jakarta. You can find there a through account of the most important Indonesian artists and painter starting from Raden Saleh.



Dr. Oei Hong Djien, Art & Collecting Art, A Collection Of Writings, Jakarta, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia in cooperation with and Djarum Foundation, 2012 

I bought this book at ART/JOG12, the Yogyakarta art fair. A week later I had the chance to interview Dr. Oei Djien in person and visit his museum in Magelang.
“Art and Collecting Art” gives you important insights in the Indonesian art world from one of his major collectors.



Contemporaneity: Contemporary Art in Indonesia, Shanghai, MOCA, 2010

Another red cover. I ordered this book on the internet, in a moment of crave for texts about Indonesia. This book is not just the catalogue of the exhibition “Contemporaneity” at the MOCA in Shanghai, but it also containes some interesting essays and interviews to artists.