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The work of Geraldine Kang

For Geraldine Kang, art-making has the functions of helping her process her thoughts and feelings and to get herself out of her head. In the awarded series ‘In the Raw’, she depicted her family members in surreal situations dealing with nudity, aging and death. The artist defines In the Raw as a “shock treatment” to introduce her parents to her art practice, which in the beginning they didn’t understand. In an iconic picture of her series, she is in bed with her parents, just like a little child would do, but with a photographic book showing breasts. The photographs encapsulate the lack of intimacy and the difficulty of maturing and dealing with desire where you share the same living space with your family.

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Culture is a gift to share. Driven by this ethos Yanyun Chen and Jeremy Fernando founded in Singapore the publishing house Delere Press, which marries art and literature. I have interviewed both of them for Culture 360, the webmagazine of the Asia-Europe Foundation.

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