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The 2016 Taipei Biennal is the most important contemporary art event in Taiwan, and this year it has been curated by French curator Corinne Diserens. In this interview for Cobo we tackle many topics, including the role of the museum and a subject that I’m currently researching on right now: bureaucracy.

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Hot white tea and a slice of cake.
Inspired by this Simonedebeauvoirian-Sartrarian-Camussarian extra
romanticized attitude of writing in the cafes instead of quietly staying
home and working hard, my old fellow Lucas and I started hanging out in the
in the cafes on Via Giulia, Rome every so often.

I was reading a couple of books to widen my perspective on Indonesian
Contemporary Art. For an insight into the  East/West dichotomy, the curator of Indonesia’s exhibition at MACRO, Dominique Lora, recommended Flavio Caroli’s “Arte d’Oriente Arte d’Occidente”.

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