Naima Morelli

Post-it Pandemonium, a very short story


What’s up with your book?
Well, I just overcome the worst step of them all: ranking all the post-its I’ve made.
In the beginning writing all the information about Indonesian contemporary art on the post it notes sounded good.
I was reading essays, catalogues, articles and stuff about the topic and I would be able to write down the information I’ve just learned and all the references directly on the post its.Then I stuck them on the wall and that was that.
Sweet. And practical too.
After a while it became a mess, sort of yellow geographic map on the white sea of my wall. To find a single information was hell.
Yeah, it was the Post-it Pandemonium.

The story ends with me leaving my house in Piazza Mancini, Rome shared with a musical performer always singing in the shower, and an architecture student that often left the bathroom door open when crapping. But the crap thing was not a big deal in the end.
The truth was that I needed escape from the post its before they would overwhelm me.
With the help of the architecture student I stuck all the post its on big sheets not to mess them, while the musical performer singing in the corridor.
Then I moved to my boyfriend house in Parioli

to be continued….



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  1. […] starting to transcribe the interviews and translating all the core concepts into post it. (I have been there before with the Indonesian book, I called it post-it pandemonium) I read a lot; books tied to the social and political environment […]

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