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A peek into Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan


This year I will be busy finalizing my Indonesian book project and organizing the material from the Melbourne reportage.
In the meantime I can’t help reading  articles about contemporary art in countries that I would like to visit.
That’s why I decided to start this column on my blog, gathering links and images for hypotetical art reportages in the future. You never know!

I want to start with Azerbaijan. Its pavillion already catch my attention during the last Venice Biennale. If you’re interesting in knowing more about contemporary art in this country, here a digest of links:

Yarat is the art space to definitely check out

Here what artists have to say

Here what the Art Newspaper says about arts patron Aida Mahmudova

Aida Mahmudova and curator Dina Nasser-Khadivi  in a video about “Love Me , Love Me Not” exhibition at the Venice Biennale

Obviously the Museum of Modern art in Baku is worth a visit

The Maxxi dedicated the show “Fly to Baku” to art from Azerbaijian

You can read the “Fly to Baku” catalogue here

“Fly to Baku” has been a travelling exhibition

Moma: Some Azerbaijan artists have been participated to the exhibition “Projects 98: Slavs and Tatars”

012 Baku: Azerbaijan gets its first festival of public art

I found the glamorous Baku Magazine during my periodic search for new magazine to write for

Articles to prepare yourself for a culture trip 


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