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Opening night at Galleria 291est: Nothing’s Happened since Yesterday


I feel like the curator’s job is a little like Charles Xavier’s at times. After all both the curator and Prof. Xavier go around the world gathering mutants with superpowers – or artists in my case. My team for the “Nothing’s has happened since Yesterday” exhibition is sure smaller than a Marvel one but by no means less powerful.
One day, surfing on the internet, I stumbled upon a blog which reviewed exhibitions in Australia. It was when I was researching about the art scene in Melbourne, so I send a mail to the website asking for an interview with one of the two authors. At table of a cafe, waiting to be interviewed, sat a petite girl with resolute manners, nervous nostrils and round glasses. She was called Georgina Lee and chatting with her I found out that she was not only an arts writer, but also an artist.
Few weeks later I visited the TCB art space with a friend, and we were greeted by a gallery sitter with curly dusty hair and a worn out jumper. “I’ll give you guys a tour”, he mumbled and he started to list the names of the artists exhibiting, gesticulating with the hands in his jumper’s front pocket. One sculpture hanged on the wall looked like something that I had seen in exhibition at the Perth Centre for Contemporary Art a short time before. “Oh… that’s my work”, he said quickly and shyly. That’s how I met Kenny Pittock.
That happened in June last year and I couldn’t have imagined that a year after these two artists would have flight from Melbourne to the other side of the world for a show that I would curate at Galleria 291est, Rome.
The night of the vernissage of “Nothing’s has happened since Yesterday – Due artisti da Melbourne”, the 31st of May, has been a great night. Many friends come to visit – even the ones who haven’t slept for five days working on an app – and others came just for the sheer curiosity of knowing about the Melbourne art scene. Special thanks to Vania Caruso, the gallerist, and Roberto D’Onorio, the resident curator, to make it happen!

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COMMONPLACE Series#3 is a Galleria 291 Est’s project

Double solo show GEORGINA LEE E KENNY PITTOCK . 31st May to 20th June
curated by Naima Morelli


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