Naima Morelli


CoBo (Hong Kong)


Eddie Hara: the Punk Uncle of Indonesian Contemporary Art

Aditya Novali: The Poetics of Transformation

Five Emerging Indonesian Artists to Watch

Are Collectors Doing the Job of the Government in Indonesia?

Every Image Is Questionable: Fendry Ekel

Sri Astari Rasjid: Bringing Out the Warrior Within Us

Ivan Sagita, the spirit of Jogja Surrealism

Asia at the Forefront of Venice Architecture Biennale

Farhan Siki – Stencils on the Strongbox

Five Indonesian artists that help us rethink nature

Erling Kagge – The “Poor” Collector Who Knows How to Buy Great Art

Three Indonesian Artists Between National History and Personal Memories

Four Singaporean Artists That Help Us Rethink Nature

Arahmaiani: The Superheroine of Indonesian Contemporary Art, from Criticism to Activism

Eddy Susanto’s new work at Art Bazaar Jakarta and the Singapore Biennale

Spotlight on Indonesian Painters: Murni’s Unsettling Imaginary

Taipei Biennial 2016: Interview with Guest Curator Corinne Diserens

Indo Pop Painting: Is It All Just About The Market?

Being a Collector as a Lifestyle Choice: Interview with Georgina Adam

Video as Simulation of Reality: Interview with New Media Pioneer Krisna Murti

What Censorship in Indonesia Is Really About? Interview with Ari Bayuaji

Jeremy Sharma: Artists As The Arbiter of Knowledge in The Information Era

Why Having Less International Galleries at Art Stage Singapore 2017 was Actually a Good Thing

Jim Allen Abel: Motorcycle Diaries and Photography in Indonesia

Fyerool Darma: Destructing and Reconstructing Regional History

Indonesian Collector Tom Tandio: Nongkrong with Artists as the Key to Collecting

Interview with Emi Eu, Director of STPI Singapore

Sinta Tantra – Zooming from Micro to Macro

A Quiet Presence: Southeast Asian Pavilions at Venice Biennale

Language Subverting Violence: Lani Maestro at Venice Biennale 2017

The Importance of Craft: Sopheap Pich at Venice Biennale

SUPER/NATURAL: Possibilities for Singaporean Artists in Indonesia

The Many Shapes of Art bars and Restaurant

Heroines Behind Galleries: Audrey Yeo

5 Singaporean artists working with the theme of Bureaucracy

Ho Tzu Nyen: Representing the global collective imaginary

Vipoo Srivilasa: The Cycle of Ceramics

Gerald Leow – Sacred in the Profane and Profanity in the Sacred

Focus on Cambodian Photographers: Interview with Kim Hak

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know”, the Teng Collection at Art Stage 2018

The Eye-Opener, Interview with Malaysian artist Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail

Vandy Rattana - Can Time Cure All the Atrocities?

Heroines Behind Galleries (IX): Stephanie Fong of FOST Gallery

DIASPORA Exit, Exile, Exodus at MAIIAM

Hou Hanru: Exploring a Utopian Dimension of Life Through Art

Srey Bandol: Grooming the next generation of Cambodian artists

Kanitha Tith: Following Your Instinct to Find Freedom

Sopheap Pich’s Reflections on the Cambodian Art System

5 Southeast Asian Artists Modelling the Wise Woman Archetype

Svay Sareth: Creating Experience by Making Things

Sophal Neak: Performative Photography

Learning to Take Criticism: Artist Khiang Hei and the Cambodian Art Scene

Tawan Wattuya: Exposé of the Human Condition

Vasan Sitthiket: I Am the One with the People

Natee Utarit: Untitled poems of Théodore Rousseau

5 Thai Artists that Connect Us to Spirituality



Art Republik (Singapore)


Mind Over Matter: interview with Lai Dieu Ha

Field of Dreams: Cambodian art spaces

Epic Arts in Cambodia empowers disabled individuals through art

The Personal Act of Collecting Art in Cambodia

Rebels at Heart: the Cambodian Supergroup Stiev Selapak

Vann Nath and his legacy Cambodian contemporary artists



ASEF Culture360 (Singapore)


Making Naples a home for Indonesian art and literature

ADD Editore Asia series | Interview with Ilaria Benini

Cultural and natural environments in Indonesia | Interview with Edwin Jurriëns

Feminism and women artists in Indonesian Contemporary Art

Independent Curators Bridging Asia and Europe

Marrying art and literature in Singapore | The case of Delere Press

Kon Len Khnhom: a shared living room for the arts in Phnom Penh

Kartika Affandi: 9 Ways of Seeing | Interview with videomaker Christopher Basile

Contemporary art museums in Rome | The system and the anti-system

A story of redemption | Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

Manifesta 12: looking at the world through the city of Palermo, Italy



Arts Hub (Australia, UK)


Art Fair gives space to the anti-market

Should you go international?

Unconventional spaces democratising art

Can crowd-funding save journalism?

The winners and losers marketplace

The best of the Venice Biennale 2015

Australia’s biggest year at Venice

Negotiating the sharing economy

The slow truth behind overnight success

Four ways arts workers can win in the new economy

Women struggle to break into Asia

New Singapore National Gallery repositions SE Asian art

Becoming location independent

Singapore career opportunities for Australian arts professionals

When Art Gets Too Personal

Take a creative staycation



Il Manifesto (ITA)


Tra cavallo e varano, il bestiario fantastico sospeso tra est e ovest


Middle East Monitor (UK) 

Tunis graffiti ignites social debate

Clandestine Integration connects the Mediterranean

Drawing her own story from Douz to Rome

Revealing the invisible: interview with Tunisian-Russian artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Art is the highest form of hope: Something Else Off Biennale Cairo

New documentary puts Palestinian hip-hop in the spotlight

A place is where your memories are: An interview with artist Rafat Asad

‘A Hair Tie’: The dark, haunting work of Syrian artist Randa Maddah

The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind: interview with artist Khalil Rabah

Playing with sand in a sandstorm: Palestinians on Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel

Palestine’s first female-run cookery school is ‘a labour of love’

Creating a trans-Mediterranean culture through art

Intimacy in condensed spaces: interview with Palestinian artist Rana Samara

Arts festival challenges Italy’s policies on migration



Trouble Magazine (Australia)


Bindi Cole, Faith In God & Prison

Ashley Bickerton: Artists are dyed poodles dancing through fiery hoops for the one percent

Heri Dono: Making Fun of The King, The Gods and The People

Mella Jaarsma: Give Me Shelter

Suburban Spendour – an interview with Graham Miller

Blood Sport with Tarryn Gill

How to define nothing – Twoone

True North and Deep Blue – an interview with Emily Ferretti

Interview with Jake Walker

Alasdair McLuckie – Modernism on Gertrude


Escape (Malta)


Revolutionising puppet theatre – Interview with Coppelia Theater

The perfect caption for your selfie – review of Fotografia Festival

A door into our liquid modernity – Faig Ahmed at MACRO

On the banks of the Tiber – William Kentridge’s Triumph and Laments murales

The New Home: 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Art goes green, interview with the Green Root Lab

How to manage pluralism : Interview with Elizabeth Pisani


The Sunday Times (Malta)


Tucked in by Marina Abramovich, report on the 512 Hours performance at the Serpentine Gallery

BMX bandits at contemporary art fair – report on Shaun Gladwell’s performance at Artissima

An emotional roller-coaster – interview with artist Eddie Peake

Regeneration through street art – Memorie Urbane Festival

Spirtu pront in St Albans – Interview with Sonia Leber and David Chesworth

We don’t throw anything away – review of Piero Golia’s exhibition at Gagosian, Rome

On disturbing the comfortable – Hermann Nitsch at Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, Palermo, Sicily


Global Comment (USA)


Is contemporary art effective in spreading awareness of climate change?

An insight into South-Italian culture through the art of  Angelo Formica

Why must the East continue to be objectified? An Interview with Indonesian artist Eddy Susanto

Aboriginal Royalty at the Venice Biennale: Interview with artist Reko Rennie

Stitching Together West and East: An Interview With Iranian Artist Koushna Navabi

How A New Generation of Graphic Novels Are Portraying Migration

Elliot Ackerman: Intellectuals at war and the ethical soldier

Contemporary art according to Fondazione Prada, Milan

It’s not just a cartoon: why satire should come of age


D_Railed (USA)


Amanda Heng, the Braided Spirit of Singaporean Contemporary Art

Richard Streitmatter-Tran: to Work and Live in Length and Width and Height and Depth

Regional Is the Way: Art Stage Singapore 2017

A New Book On Australian Contemporary Art Foregrounds Questions About Diversity


Art Monthly Australia


GaoBrothers: The Utopia of Hugging for 20 Minutes

ART/JOG12: ‘Montmartre of the east’

An artist in a waitress’s body, Australian twenty-somethings pursuing an artistic career



Raven Contemporary (Australia) 


Roman Holiday: RAVEN’s guide to contemporary art in Rome

Penny Byrne’s knight of glass

Art and Science in Venice: Interview with Sam Leach


 Australia Unlimited

Australia Unlimited

Melbourne art scene inspires Italian spaces


ENECAA (Singapore)



Timur Akhmedov: art that cannot yield

Alexander Barkovsky: restoring hope and beauty 



Birdee (Australia)


My three hour-long busking career


Fresh Cup (USA)


The Coffee Cultures of Naples – Coexisting traditional and international coffee cultures


 I-Magazine Bali (Indonesia)


The Bulè are coming: Bali’s expat artists exhibiting in Naples, Italy


NY Arts (USA)


Mircea Cantor, The World Is Changing


Onya Magazine (Australia)

No One Ever Leaves For Good: Australian Artists Making It Internationally


Posi+tive Magazine (Germany)


The Human Factor – Museo Pietro Canonica in Villa Borghese, Rome


My articles on Art a Part of Culture (Italy)



My articles on Artribune (Italy)



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