Naima Morelli

North Africa

The webmagazine Middle East Monitor has just published my interview with Tours-based Algerian artist Massinissa Selmani.

The artist has just wrapped up his latest solo show, “Le calme de l’idée fixe”, at the Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré in Tours. In the show, visitors can admire different series of drawings, where political and historical innuendos meet an interest in architecture and landscape.

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The Italian magazine Internazionale has translated and published my article on artists reflection on the responsibilities of Italian colonialism in Libya.

I originally wrote the article for Middle East Eye. It features interviews with filmaker and writer Khalifa Abo Khraisse, artist and videomaker Martina Melilli and multimedia artist Leone Contini.

Here is the pdf version of the piece

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My research on Morocco and its contemporary art scene continues on the webmagazine Middle East Monitor. This time I take a look at an extraordinary Biennale in the Moroccan city of Rabat.

I have interview Rabat Biennal’s curator, the French-Algerian philosopher, art historian and museum director Abdelkader Damani, who has set his mind to change the old ways to rewrite the rules of the art game.

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The webmagazine Middle East Monitor has just published my review of the excellent theater play “Libya. Back Home” by Paola Di Mitri, with texts by Miriam Selima Fieno, Giancarlo Fieno and Khalifa Abo Khraisse. It was presented last week at the Romaeuropa Festival.

I’m starting researching a bit Italian colonialism in North Africa, and in Libya in particular, so it was extremely interesting to see this artistic re-elaboration who tackles this subjects, among many important others.

Here is the link to the review

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